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Monday, June 27, 2011




This is my third school. Yet on the day I joined it. I was very nervous. We had shifted to London recently and so I had change to this school


            This school is very different from my previous one. It has a very grand and imposing building. There are big playgrounds on two sides and a beautiful garden in front. I was very happy to come to this school and had visions of all the games that I would be able to play and yet, I was full of apprehensions


            I saw some students waking around. They seemed be quite indifferent to me. A few even stared at my insolently. If frightened me. How would I get along with these students? Just at that time, my class teacher came out of the principal's room. She took me to my class, introduced me to the students asked a student to give me a sea and told me that I should sit there every day. That a student did not even say 'hello' to me. All my apprehensions came to the fore. I felt very alone and stupid


            Then the bell rang. The teacher left the class. Some five-six students crowded round me, asking my name, telling me theirs making fun of each other and pulling each other's leg. Soon I mixed among them and after few minutes was one of them. What I considered their aloofness was just discipline and gentle behavior. How could they talk in from of the teacher! Now, I love my school. 

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